My Everything.....

My Everything.....
My 3 children at our latest beach excursion!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Been a While.......

.....since I have written anything for my blog!  Life has been hectic, to say the least!  We have been preparing for another move and now trying to get acclimated and settled into our new home.

My oldest son (7 years old) has been so sad about the move, leaving his friends, leaving his aunts, uncles, baby cousin and grandparents behind.  I have been so wrapped up in telling him we are going on a new adventure and he will meet new friends, etc I didn't even take a moment to realize I was going to be sad too!  I have missed my husband so much the last 15 months while he was living out of town all I could think about was that I was going to be with him everyday now!!

Well, here we are - new home, new town, family all together!  Well, it has been great having my husband home every night and our kids having Dad and Mom.... But, you know I REALLY miss my parents, my siblings, my new baby niece and all of my friends.

So - it looks like my son and I are on a new adventure together trying to make new friends......

Wish us both luck!  Jacksonville is a BIG place and I'm a small town girl with a small town heart!!!


  1. Best of luck with the move. I'm sure your son will enjoy it eventually. Thanks for following me!

  2. Thanks Chaton! He seems to be happy so far with his school. Doesn't say much about any new friends, still says he wants to go back to see his old friends, but 'm sure those will be his feelings for a while.... Thanks for stopping by!!