My Everything.....

My Everything.....
My 3 children at our latest beach excursion!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are Your Kids Destructive?

OK! So, we've been in our new home for about three weeks now and I'm about to go out of my mind!!!  My kids are little tornadoes....  How is it that I have managed in the past to keep my house clean, kids somewhat clean and well-mannered [most of the time ;)].....  Since we have moved into this new town and new home, my kids have managed to make me re-think my parenting skills - to put it mildly!!

At the end of week one - wild man #2 decides to knock over one of my lamps with his head.  It comes crashing down and shatters.  My fault for putting it within arms reach of a 4 year old I suppose!!
4 year old's destruction
And this morning - little princess decides to climb on top of my dining room table and dig through the potpourri in my crystal bowl and "decorate" the floor.  This was right after she dumped out a box of toys.  All of this in about 3 minutes!!  I was in the kitchen filling up a mop bucket getting ready to mop the living room when I hear something that sounds like glass being tapped........
2 year old's destruction

Of course, this makes me feel like "what's the point of cleaning"......if you know me, you would laugh.  I am probably one of the most anal people (my lovely family tells me so ALL THE TIME) about keeping my house clean and clutter-free.  Well, my house is FAR from clean and clutter free lately!!  If my parents or one of my siblings were to walk in my house right now, they would probably think I had certifiably LOST MY MIND!

My husband isn't of any help either....when I call to complain about he just responds with, "well you are in control of the situation, you shouldn't allow it to happen"... - ????  Am I supposed to tie up my kids so I can sweep, vacuum and mop the floors and get all the beds made, dishes done, meals prepared, laundry done?????

Moving over 3 states to finally be in the same house as my husband was supposed to be far, it hasn't been any easier.

What's the point of my post today...I don't really know, just to vent -maybe.  But honestly, I would love to hear from other moms and dads that are home all day with their kids and hear what you do to keep your house clean and kids healthy, happy, etc??  Maybe once I get a bit more comfortable in this new town I will find something for all of us to enjoy and keep us all entertained and out of trouble!!

I would love to hear your kids' destruction stories too!!  Let me know I'm NOT the only one out there.......


  1. Haha! I don't - truth be told. I don't try to keep my house clean. I told my husband that I have given up and he is fine with that :)

    Really, I do vacuum and dust and that sort of stuff, but our 8 year old does lots of cleaning. He picks up the living room, cleans up after himself and helps in the kitchen. All with little to no complaining.

    Took years of teaching however!

    Most destructive story - how do I choose?
    Oooo, I know - bathtime - water everywhere, floors, counter, ceiling, shelves even. Then add in some shaving cream and you have one glorious mess!

    Great blog btw!

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  2. My first suggestion is to take a deep breath, sit down and tell them they will have to clean up their own messes and follow through. My second is just to tell you this will pass quickly and someday, your house will be clean and you will miss the messes and childhood. Hang in there it does get better!
    My grands aren't destructive, but I had a son one day who decided at the age of 13 months to pull out poo from his diaper and paint his room with it. I would have gladly cleaned up potpourri that day!

  3. Thank you QuiltingGranny! I am taking LOTS of deep breaths lately..... I know one day, i will wonder where all of little messes went? I will long for the days of chasing little feet around the house, cleaning up their messes! I potpourri is far better than cleaning up poop!!!

    Christine - I wish I could let go and say forget the clean house. Just as soon as I say that, I start to feel that twinge of panic...I'm a bit OCD when it comes to having a clean house. Some days I am ok with the piles of mess and then the OCD kicks in! Yep, we've had the bathtime mess here...more than once actually. He even once destroyed my daughter's nursery with baby powder. Her room was white. I was sweeping and vacuuming for days.......

  4. Yea, it happens. My kids have broken things before which is pretty much why we don't buy really expensive things. Also I have worked at home the last 4 years and the summers are crazy with all the kids home. We pretty much just wing it and we clean up at the end of the day of we tidy up in the morning before we start our day. Sounds like you are doing great...just be yourself and have fun with your kids. They are only young for so long!