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My Everything.....
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Friday, August 19, 2011

An Easy Weeknight Recipe!

I wanted to post something, but not really sure what!  I don't have any creative juices flowing today (haven't had any in a while it seems)......I am DRAINED!  It has been a crazy week (like every other week), but I haven't been sleeping very well so I am DRAINED!

I digress.....

Anyway, I've been reading a lot of blogs lately from moms that do a lot of cooking and sharing of recipes.  I love to cook and I love to eat!  So, I thought I would share one of my recipes today.  I would love to hear your favorite go-to recipe during a busy, hectic week.

MEXICAN PORK (this is from my dear friend Cheri)
This is an easy recipe that takes about 20 minutes to prepare and 3 hours to cook.  Great for those days when I have a lot of things going on around the house and I don't have time to sweat over the stove.

Pork Loin (not tenderloin) - like the one shown here
1 packet of fajita seasoning
olive oil
1 onion, chopped
1 carton of chicken broth
1 can Rotel

First, I drizzle a little olive oil in a dutch oven and heat on med-low.  Then I drizzle olive oil on all sides of the pork loin.

  1. I rub all sides of the loin with the fajita seasonings.
  2. Sear each side of the pork loin for a couple of minutes
  3. Set the pork aside
  4. Throw the chopped onions in the drippings and cook for a couple of minutes
  5. Pour in the carton of chicken broth and stir with the drippings and onions
  6. Place the pork loin back into the dutch oven and simmer for 2-3 hours
  7. 15 minutes before serving, pour in the can of rotel and stir, top off with fresh cilantro
I usually serve with brown rice and a side of either black beans or re-fried beans and serve a big crisp salad.  This is very easy and has been a big hit in my house.

I would love to hear your recipes/easy weeknight dishes!

-The Gypsy Mom


  1. Nice recipe you've got, hope to try it out. Thanks for linking up at the hop. Hope you come around next weekend.

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    Sounds Yummy!

  3. I love love to cook pork it is good for you {the other white meat} and super tasty....I am a new follower from the weekend blog hop. Come on y if you get a chance and check my blog out. I am a newbie also :0)

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  6. I love simple recipes. This one looks like a great weekend meal- pop it in the oven and get other things done!

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  7. This looks like it could become a staple. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. One of my favorite quick, simple, delicious, and very often requested meals is to put Italian Sausages in the crock pot, cover with a jar of spaghetti sauce, and let it cook all day. Eat them on some good hoagie buns with some good chips and you've got it made.

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  10. Jayne- That sounds wonderfully delicious and easy! Im going to give this a try ...... thanks!

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  12. Can't wait to try this! Looks delish.