My Everything.....

My Everything.....
My 3 children at our latest beach excursion!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Hawaii Vacation....a Celebration of 10 years of Marriage

Day 2 of our trip......yes, I know....I should start with day 1, but day 2 was an interesting day.  We started out that day at Sea Level, visiting the waterfalls and black sand beach, basking in the sun in Waipio Valley and ended up on Mauna Kea at elevations of 13,000+ ft and surrounded by snow!

My husband surprised me back in October with this fabulous vacation package to Hawaii.  I have never been to Hawaii and have always wanted to go, so it was a great and exciting surprise.  However, I was secretly very nervous about getting on a plane.....make that 3 plane changes there and 3 plane changes back!!!  I was also VERY worried about leaving our 3 children with anyone for the 10 days we would be gone.  You know, no one is going to care for your kids like you do! Plus, I have never left my youngest two for more than one night!  I am so glad I fought back the urge to say no!  This was the most fabulous 10 days I have ever spent with my husband.  We really got to reconnect and act like we were young again (you know, like before we had kids!!).  

It was an absolutely amazing trip and so thankful my husband brought me to Hawaii and we got to experience all that we did.  We were up and out almost everyday making it a huge adventure.  We wanted to see all that the island and its culture had to offer.  We did get to get a little (much needed) relaxation in 2 of the days!!  We have only been back now for roughly 2 weeks and I miss it already!!!

Our footprints in the black sand beach of Waipio Valley

Black Sand Beach in Waipio Valley

My husband and I enjoying our time together in Waipio Valley

Me, amazed at the snow (Mauna Kea) in Hawaii in May!!

Driving 13,000+ ft up a mountain isn't exactly what I had pictured when my husband said we were going to Hawaii!!!

Yes, we are above the clouds here.....

One of my friends asked me if the trip was worth the 14 hour flight time.  She wanted to know if it was worth it or if I thought a trip to Europe would have been more rewarding.  My answer was.....ABSOLUTELY worth the 14 hour flight time.  It was beautiful, amazing, relaxing, rich in culture and history.  If you like to get out and venture your surroundings like we do, it is well worth it!  If you are a type of vacationer that likes to sit by the pool or relax on the beach the whole vacation (which I needed for at least one day!), then maybe not.  You might want more of an all-inclusive type of vacation or at least something that doesn't take an entire day of travel.  But for us, we say it is worth the time! Oh and our kids survived (so did we!!). It was a long time to be away from them, I don't think I will be able to leave them that long again (at least not for a long time).

Check out the book below to help you plan your next Big Island vacation!!  It is a HUGE help in planning out your trip.


  1. got your comment on my blog bacon time. Following you now with GFC. Looks like you had so much fun on your trip, a bit green with envy over here. I have moved what feels like a million times. We just bought a house and are making roots, feels comforting.
    Well I would be thrilled to have you sponsor a give away. I will post your button on the top of my blog when you do for a month. I don't see a button on here, maybe I missed it. Let me know when you have your button ready to go, it can be of your blog or one for your shop what ever you would rather promote. Then if you could email me a little bio about you, your shop, your blog with links to both I will get a post together. If you like, I love pics, I will browse your shop and post pics on the give away feature too. I look forward to being blogger buddies. Let me know if you would want the give away open to us residents only or everyone too.

  2. Following you back from the blog hop. I made my first trip to Hawaii in April. LOVED it.....Looking forward to getting to know you.

  3. Hi Mindie! I will email you about the exchange....looking forward to getting to know you!

    Hello Kim! Where did you go in Hawaii on your vacation? So glad to hear that you had a great time. I'm already day dreaming about going back!!! Thank you for the follow, I am looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful!! I'm hoping to got to Hawaii next year! Found you via the weekend blog hop, and following you now. Would love a visit
    @ =)

  5. I love Hawaii. Someday, I'm gonna live there. Come, follow me?

  6. Thanks! Will follow both of you as well..... I was tempted to say let's pack everything up and move there. Just might still do it one day!!!

  7. Wow! Snow in May. That's not something I would think of in Hawaii!! Happy 10 years!!

  8. Beautiful pictures, what a wonderful surprise gift! If you ever come back, come to Maui! Thank you for the follow, looking forward to reading more of your posts. Aloha :)

  9. nice to see you made good used of those ten days...that's a great vacay! come to oahu next time!

    found and following thru tuesday hop :)

  10. oomph........our plan is to be back and island hop!! Oahu is next on our list for sure!!!