My Everything.....

My Everything.....
My 3 children at our latest beach excursion!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Crazy Life!!!

This is a picture of our very first home my husband and I purchased together 9 years ago and sold just 4 short years later......that was the beginning of our crazy life as the Traveling Gypsies.  This house was so cozy, warm, comforting and easy to take care of, I really miss those simpler days!!

Well, it seems to be getting closer to that time of year again......thinking about where our next move will be!!!  My husband works for a company that is contracted out by the government, so we move around like a military family.  This last year has been rough on all of us.  My husband and I decided, for several reasons (that will be another post for another day) that I should move back to my home town with our three kids so they wouldn't have to move every few years.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been all peaches & fact it has been pretty miserable.  After living the past 8 months without my husband, I have decided it is more detrimental for our kids to be without their daddy than moving and changing schools, homes and friends every few years.'s off to search for a NEW temporary homestead.  I really am looking forward to being able to see my husband nightly again in another few months!

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