My Everything.....

My Everything.....
My 3 children at our latest beach excursion!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well, I'll tell you mine hasn't been having the best of lunches, that's for sure!!  We just recently moved from one state to another and foolishly I have been assuming my child was being fed a decent lunch.  Our last school had terrific wholesome and (yummy for kids too) hot lunches daily with a choice of a cold salad bar or cold sandwiches if they didn't like the hot lunch being offered that day. 

My son switched schools in the middle of November (only there for a week when Winter Break began and returned to school on January 3rd (his birthday).  I decided to meet him at school and surprise him for a birthday lunch date!  I sat down next to him and this is what I find on his lunch plate.......

The school should really be ashamed!!  When our kids act up towards the end of the day....they wonder why?????  Well, it is from all of the sugar they are serving!  How is an Uncrustable, applesauce, chocolate milk and Rice Krispie Treat considered a healthy lunch?  I thought all schools these days were required to serve a better lunch to our kids. Obviously, I thought wrong.......

I posted this to my facebook page and most of my friends that commented, commented that their schools had MUCH better food choices and they too were appalled.  One suggested filing a complaint to school board to make the schools offer better choices....well, my cousin (she is an attorney) suggested not even going there....  She said there is a BUNCH of red tape, lots of headache and in the end they probably wouldn't change anything.

So......we are packing lunches from here on out............  Sometimes, I run out of good ideas for variety and I would love to hear your ideas.  I also just ran across an awesome website with some really great lunch boxes.  I plan to purchase one since we will be "brown-bagging" it!!!

Check out this terrific site for fabulous lunch boxes........BENTO BOXES

I would love to hear your thoughts on school lunches and whether you send your kids to school with lunch from home or if they eat the school lunch.  I would also love to hear any ideas of what you send with your kids to school.


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  2. My youger kids only buy lunch once a week on Chicken nugget day and I am pretty sure they are not real chicken, but they like them and I like the break from packing. My two older kids buy every day (junior high and high school students) and they have tons of choices at their schools from sub sandwiches to hot main dishes. My one son get chicken sandwiches a lot. Oh, one thing I pack for my younger kids once in awhile is hot soup. I make it super super hot and put it in a thermos and they say it stays pretty warm.
    Those lunch boxes are so cool! I just might have to save that link for next year. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I agree it gets tiresome coming up with ideas to send everyday....we need a break at least one day a week! Soup is something I had not thought of....thanks for the suggestion!

  3. HI. I am visiting from SAHM Bloggy Moms. I hope you find some interesting kiddie lunch that is easy to pack. Oh, sometimes I make burritos and they are not too difficult too make. I have seen recipes for both meat and non-meat.

    ~Best regards, Imelda @ Cum Auxilio Ab alto

    P.S. that name on top with a link by Google is not my webpage. It is here instead. :-)

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  6. Wow, I would definitely be packing lunches if that is the quality offered at the school. My girls do have a choice of a salad, a sandwich, or the hot option each day. We pack lunches simply because of the price, though.

    Stopping by from Monday Mingle. Have a great week!